Docc Hilford & Jon Stetson Chicago Area Workshop 8/23/10

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Postby Tom Dobrowolski » 08/18/10 08:45 AM

In Japan the hand can be used like a knife. Haeee Ya!
But that method doesnt work on a tomato. (Splat!)

Thats why we use...Jon Stetson and Docc Hilford.
Its a pair so sharp that no magician, mentalist or enthusiast should be without.
AS SEEN ON TV and only available at Midwest Magic, August 23, 2010 at 7:00 PM.

Stetson & Hilford cant cut a slice of bread so thin you can see trough it, but they can reveal 60 years of combined professional experience!

Introducing...the GYNSU Workshop.

Jon & Docc will cut through nonsense better than an electric knife. Theyll share real life experiences and teach secrets theyve used to earn a living across the US and around the world. Stetson & Hilford can easily cut through the tin can problems of losing luggage and still entertain a room full of corporate tomatoes like a hot GYNSU through butter. These guys want to answer ANY questions you have about tricks, presentation, sales, marketing, philosophy, auto repair or dog grooming. And their unbreakable handles match!

What would you pay to spend hours with two top professionals answering your personal questions? Before you answer, listen...
Register with Midwest Magic and e-mail three questions to, and Jon Stetson & Docc Hilford will actually address your personal queries in the workshop. Its a razor sharp workshop designed especially for you!

Wait! Theres more...
Jon will teach his famous Linking Finger Ring routine.
The one he uses in his stage show. This is NOT published nor available outside this workshop. Its beautiful, amazing and from Americas Favorite Mentalist.

We also want you to have...
Docc Hilfords exclusive, live performance of personal favorites from his new DVD, The Vault. The Ball & Tube routine alone is as versatile as a 6-in-1 kitchen gadget.
And if you order before midnight tonight (or anytime soon)...Docc will give you his massive course, The Secrets to Perfect Paid Performances. This 220-page workbook teaches in detail the secrets of hundreds of professionals, how they make top dollars and how to create the perfect show for you. It retails for $150.

And also included...Secret Venues, Doccs 215-page outline of six venues where you can make at least $1,000 a show. It retails for $150. Both these courses, a $300 value, have been praised by professionals and part-timers, but you get the both FREE!

Now how much would you pay? You get...
The personal question GYNSU Workshop with both Stetson & Hilford
Exclusive trick instructions
Assistance with your own tricks or show
BOTH study courses
And a versatile 6-in-1 kitchen gadget.
All guaranteed for 50 years.
All for only $75.

Act now and well even include a special guest speaker.

Heres how to order.
Call Midwest Magic today!
(As always, seating is by order of reservation.)
Midwest Magic
9706 Franklin Av.
Franklin Park,. IL 60131
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Postby Tom Dobrowolski » 08/21/10 11:32 PM

Remember it's this coming Monday! You don't want to miss this!!
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