Looking for a wallet with these characteristics........

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Postby Fabio » 08/15/10 10:55 AM

sorry in advance if this is a silly question
I am looking for a wallet (possibly to be used as an everyday wallet), to perform a "card in wallet" effect ( possibly no-palm) and. at the same time, a kolossal killer effect and, if possible, able to read a business card put face down in the wallet itself ( as per MM wallet)

does a wallet like this exist? if yes, any dealer source?

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Postby Gregory Edmonds » 08/15/10 04:36 PM

The shorter version of the BKM wallet MIGHT fit your needs. I like it so much, I switched everything from my regular wallet to the BKM.

I don't know who holds the rights to the wallet, but you'll probably find out with a Google search.

Good luck.


Upon reading your request specifications again, I see I might have steered you wrong regarding the latter requirements you need. The BKM might be modified a bit to employ them. If you also do a Google search for the name EVILDan, you MAY find what you need. Dan is a very clever guy, and now manufactures, I believe, most of the wallets Ray Piatt manufactured. If Dan doesn't have what you want, I'm guessing he could make it up for you.
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Postby Doomo » 08/16/10 11:05 AM

Once again... Hip Pocket Bombshell... Kollosal Killer... Peek function and of course... card to wallet.

RFA Productions yeah... It is cool stuff.

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Postby Jonathan Townsend » 08/16/10 11:15 AM

You left out 'rising card and out to lunch principle'
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Postby Tony Razzano » 08/16/10 12:23 PM


EvilDan is among the best. He is getting married in October, so he is busy, but contact him anyway, See what he can do.
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