Vincent Hedan's "Haiku Book Test"

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Postby Dick Christian » 08/09/10 10:04 AM

A new book test that is worthy of serious attention is the Haiku Book Test by Vincent Hedan. Nicely produced in a unique format (60 page booklet measuring only 1 7/8 x 4) on quality stock with attractive printing, it features some 30 haiku (a codified form of Japanese poetry) in printed in both kanji and English on alternating pages, it is small enough to carry in ones pocket and, while too small to be used effectively in stage performances, is ideal for one-on-one, impromptu or strolling/walk-around situations. After a brief introduction to haiku by the performer, the booklet is handed to a spectator who is asked to choose a haiku at random than close the booklet. Without touching or handling the booklet again and with no forces, pumping, fishing or asking questions, the performer is able to either describe or draw the mental image evoked by the chosen poem. Simple to perform and because of the fact that haiku deals with images, emotions and feelings rather than just words, it has the ability to transcend the impact of the typical book test with which we (and our audiences) are familiar. Reasonably priced at $45 I consider it a bargain.
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