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Postby EMH » 08/06/10 12:25 PM

I've created software that allows magicians to organize their books and tricks, that gives them the ability to search on various criteria related to the tricks.

I'll be giving away five copies of the software to members of the Genii Forum, so you might help me evaluate it. All you have to do is let me know what you think about it, and to post reviews of it when it goes on sale.

What it does. . .
If all you remember was the trick used an Elmsley count and a double lift, and that it was in one of your books by Harry Lorayne, you'll be able to find it quickly with "The Magic Database" (tm).

You'll also be able to note all of the tricks or props you need for your various shows, the reactions you get from various tricks etc.

It also allows you to include prices for your books and props, so you can get an overall value for your collection.

The software also has an import/export feature, so that data can be shared easily among the magical community.

For complete details, go to

For your free copy, just go to the contact page, and send me a message that you'd like to try it out. I'll contact the first five responders to send them the software.

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Postby Bob Taxin » 08/06/10 05:34 PM

I'd love to try it out!
Bob Taxin
Bob Taxin
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Postby EMH » 08/08/10 05:41 PM

There are still free copies available, so you can still go to the website and ask for your copy. This is NOT a demo version, but the real thing. We're giving it away for review purposes.

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Postby EMH » 08/09/10 12:08 AM

Thanks everyone, I've gotten more than five requests. I'll honor them all, but this offer is now CLOSED.

If the reviews are favorable I'll notify you when the product goes on sale.

Regards to all,
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Postby Mullet » 03/08/11 10:47 PM

I just received the "MAGIC Database" software. I purchased it based on a need to get my magical feces consolidated, do a decent inventory, and positive reviews.

So far, it looks simple, clean and effective. Now I just have to finish entering a houseful (plus attic, plus garage...) of stuff into it!

For more info:

V/R Mullet
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 03/08/11 11:08 PM

Day old fish for sale?
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