Simpler third-pack reverse for "Open Display of Triumph?"

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Postby Guest » 10/27/07 03:15 PM

"An Open Display of Triumph" in November's issue is great! My only question is about the Half Pass or Creeping Reverse: both of these seem unnecessary. Wouldn't it be just as deceptive (and a whole lot simpler) to reverse the bottom third of the packet face-up by riffling up with the right thumb, getting a pinky break, and reversing the bottom packet with the left forefinger (underneath the packet) and with the left 3rd, 4th, & pinky fingers on the right side?

Maybe I'm missing something here, but the action would still be covered by the top two-thirds of the deck.

And no set-up is required as it is in the alternative method in the "Comments" section.

I'd like to hear from anyone about this. Thanks!


Postby Guest » 11/25/07 12:13 AM


What you are suggesting seems to be a "half-pass". You are certainly correct that this action could be used instead of the Creeping Reverse or a pre-trick preparation; however, I have found that few magicians perform a half-pass deceptively, especially under the little misdirection you get when the spectator is noting her card.

If you go the half-pass route, I highly commend to you Aaron Fisher's work on the half pass that can be found in his book "The Paper Engine." He combines some of the touches Vernon had in the Creeping Reverse with his own thoughts to create a truly invisible sleight.

Notwithstanding, the Creeping Reverse is one of the most deceptive sleights in card magic; it is worthy of any card magician's arsenal.


Postby Guest » 11/25/07 01:07 AM

Spread the cards so the selection is taken from about a third from the bottom. Separate the deck at this point for the spectator to remove the selection. Turn your head to the left, so you don't see the selection. As you square up the deck in your hands, the left hand flips over its half as the fanned-out right hand half is squared over it.

The spread half pass is perfect for this situation, especially with the misdirection of turning to your left, so as not to see the card, which covers the move thoroughly.

Postby Harry Lorayne » 11/25/07 07:07 PM

Look up my Braue Secret Reversal Variation - it's what I use for this effect (it's perfect for it). HL
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