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Postby Guest » 05/22/07 10:16 AM

I missed the first run of Mr. Parker's effects in Genii but I've enjoyed the recent issue very much. I have been having a great time with the Revolutionary Card, then leading into an effect using 4 of a kind. Anybody else try this one?

Also, I have visited his site (mentioned in Genii)and placed an order for some of his ebooks. Does anybody know if these are still available as they show on his site? I have not seen any reply after the sale and didn't know his current status or if there were further health complications. I do not mean for this inquiry to come across as sounding unsympathetic at all.

Postby Richard Kaufman » 05/22/07 10:38 AM

I imagine that if the e-books are still listed as being available on Jack's website, they're still selling them. I think he only has a few months left and if memory serves, he mentioned to me that his wife would continue to sell his items. I'm sure they could use the extra income.
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Postby Guest » 05/22/07 10:51 AM

Thanks Richard. While that is very sad news, I see that he would love to know that his tricks are sold, studied, and performed by magicians long after he is gone.

Postby Guest » 05/22/07 11:26 AM

I know this was posted previously, but for the record:
Jack Parker\'s website

Postby Guest » 05/23/07 08:39 PM

Greetings.......anyone know his mailing address? Your assistance will be appreciated......thanks, Alex.....alexgutz@hotmail.com

Postby Guest » 05/24/07 07:30 AM

Jack's e-mail is on the front page of his site.

The issue arrived in Sweden today and I must say that it's one fantastic magazine. Huge thanks to Richard Kaufman and Jack Parker for giving us this second issue of his excellent ideas.



Postby Guest » 05/24/07 09:06 AM

I have ordered some ebooks from Jack's site via Paypal and I've yet to see them. I tried to contact him, or whomever may be handling orders, via the email given in the Paypal notice, and also through the email given on his website. They are different addresses. I have had no response yet. I'm not sure of his medical situation etc. or who may be handling orders at this time, but if you have read the latest Genii article and decided to get some of his other products you may find a delay.

Postby Guest » 05/30/07 03:04 PM

Today when I got home I found my Jack Parker ebooks waiting for me in my email. Thanks to everybody that wrote me off this board on suggestions for checking on my order. I knew going in that it might be delayed because of Jack's health and personal situation. I found that he was trying to reach me several times but his email kept bounching the attachments or something. Finally he tried a different account he had and it worked fine. I now have some great material to work through. He did state that since his decline in health that the Jacksdeck.com website may not be offering the items much longer. I hope at some point somebody takes over the sales for him, I'm sure in time, so that people who want to study this man's wonderful thinking may do so. I think he is a great guy and great magic mind and he would go so far to get the ebooks to me even with his personal health issues right now...superb gentleman! Thanks Jack! Also, thanks to Richard for having him in Genii, and David Acer for his writing, so that many of us who were unaware could discover his work.

Postby Guest » 06/01/07 03:57 AM


Firstly can I apologise to Brian for not having spotted his post on here before now. I have been in and out of hospital and only online sporadically. The problem I have been having is with my POP3 email serrver - it appeared all my emails were going out perfectly, with attachments, from Outlook just as they always do. I have never had any problems before. Turns out they only got as far as my server and then they basically vanished. This means any email I sent out within the last 7-10 days never arrived, without me knowing. So Brian didn't even get my repeat attempts at sending his Ebooks.

Until its sorted - 2 to 3 days they say - I switched to using a web based GMail account, which judging from Brians post, seems to have rectified the problem.

Sorry again for the confusion Brian and a big thank you for your kind words on the material. I am glad you are enjoying it so much.

The website is currently not selling Ebooks as I am having a bad patch at the moment.



Postby Guest » 06/01/07 06:53 AM

Jack, there is no need to apologize, I totally understand given your situation. After reading the current issue and visiting your website for the first time I couldnt resist ordering your material. I was prepared to wait for my order. I just thought it had gotten lost in this case and so I was hoping to get further information on this board. I wondered if any other folks on here knew if you had somebody else filling orders for instance whom I could have contacted. Well, as it turned out, you were still at the helm and that shows a lot of the person you are. Thank you again for handling everything, the ebooks are just wonderful! I have already fooled my wife badly with Bare Naked Ladieswhat a great effect with 7 normal cards. I have also ordered the back issue of Genii which had your first round of gems in it. You have inspired me, and Im sure countless others, to further examine some of the simple things. Im amazed that most of your effects use basic sleights but a ton of diabolical design. They really make me have those Why didnt I think of that moments more than a lot of the magic I have read and studied. I must say that even though I dont really know you, you and your family have been on my mind. We will pray for all of you as Im sure many others are doing. Thanks again Jack.

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