Percy Abbott Day Declared In State of Michigan!

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Postby rickfishercolon » 07/18/10 11:27 AM

It is now official! The state of Michigan and Honorable Governor Jennifer Granholm have issued a Certificate of Tribute that proclaims Friday, August 6th - Percy Abbott Day! The proclamation will be on display in the FAB Magic Shop for all to see. A proud day for the Abbott family! Come and see Syd Abbott and have him autograph your program (free of charge in the shop) or pick up a copy of PERCY ABBOTT: MAGICAL YEARS and get him to sign that too!

"Whereas: At this year's 73rd Annual Magic Get-together, magicians will recognize the 50th anniversary of Percy Abbott's death, his life as a skilled entertainer in sleight of hand and as a businessman essential to establishing the Magic Capital: and

Whereas: Colon, Michigan is proud to be called the magic capital of the world and has used its title encourage young people to develop self esteem through the performance of magic with festivals such as the annual magic get-together.

Now, Therefore, be it Resolved, That we, Jennifer M. Granholm, governor of the state of Michigan and John D. Cherry, Jr. lieutenant governor of the state of Michigan, do hereby offer this Certificate of Tribute in recognition of the 73rd Annual Magic Get-together on the 50th anniversary of Percy Abbott's death. May the city of Colon continue to celebrate the wonder of magic and the life of Percy Abbott for years to come."
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