Genii December 2001

Discuss the tricks and sleights which appear in Genii.

Postby Guest » 10/21/04 10:14 AM

I have just been sorting out my old mags, as i do not have room to keep them all in my draw anymore...i am putting them away in boxes. I have therefore been spending some time looking over them before putting them away.
This was my first ever issue of Genii (i was 13 when i started subscribing)...and i still consider it to be the best. The feature is Dai Vernon's search for Alan Kennedy's Centre Deal.
The routines in here are great, as one would expect from Vernon. I had never tried these effects i was a newcomer to magic at the time, i had of course heard of Vernon, however i presumed everything he did was way above the average level of skill...some of these tricks are among the easiest i know...and have the biggest effect!
I urge you to give them a go!

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