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Postby Guest » 05/21/06 02:39 AM

Hi all

Just wanted to give a heads up to the fact that there are videos of me performing all the material in the June Magicana on my website, on the dedicated "Genii Material" page...


It was drawn to my attention that quite a lot of readers may have skipped David's intro in order to get straight into the material and therefore did not spot that the videos were available online.

Hope you enjoy all the items and thanks to everyone who has contacted me with such positive feedback.



Postby Guest » 05/21/06 04:08 PM

Having been Jack's "session buddy" for the last four or five years, I've been in the lucky position of being able to experience the conception of many of these ideas, and watching them grow into fabulous pieces of wonder.

Jack truly is a fantastic creator and I'm pleased that Richard and David choose to devote a whole issue of Magicana to his work. If anyone deserves it, it's definitely Jack.

Congratulations Jack.

Dominatricks - out now

Postby Guest » 05/21/06 08:52 PM

Great material, Jack! Very impressive!

I've got a question-- for the face-up tent vanish described in Magic, does the right hand assist the card being turned down? I can't seem to do it well without the right hand assisting.


- Frank

Postby Dustin Stinett » 05/21/06 11:04 PM

Yeah? Well dont waste your time with Oddservation. Its an awful trick: no one should ever do it. In fact, just ignore it if you havent read it yet and forget if you did. Yeah, thats the ticket...pretend its not there...its figment of your imagination...bad trick...move on...

(Wondering if this will work...)
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Postby Guest » 05/22/06 01:38 AM

Justin - probably not, as I have had a lot of great feedback on Oddservation. A certain Mr JC Wagner is very partial to it and has been performing it at his famous bar. Sorry about that :)

Frank - yes indeed, the right hand does "assist" a little. The card rotates over the left thumb tip which lifts up, rather than moving horizontal as in the face down version. The card flips over around it and the right hand gives a gently nudge on the long edge to help send it underneath the left thumb as it lowers back onto the deck. To be honest, I don't use the face up version that much as I feel the face down is just as effective and much easier to do.

Andi - thanks for the kind words. I forget how much I was supposed to PayPal you?


Postby Dustin Stinett » 05/23/06 02:25 PM

Its perfect for the bar, so Im not at all surprised that Mr. Wagner has taken a shine to it.

I very rarely add anything to my little stash-o-tricks. For me, the hardest part is coming up with a suitable presentation. Every great once in a while an item comes along that just fits right in and the presentation comes to me right away. Oddservation is just such a trick. So, thanks Jack! (And thanks to Richard for telling me about this one specifically!)

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Postby Guest » 05/24/06 12:09 AM

Hi there,

Check out Jacks site for his latest e book "set to stun"

This contains more top notch stuff which looks great and is practical.


john :)

Postby Guest » 05/24/06 12:13 AM


His latest e book is called set to kill!

sorry :D

Postby Guest » 05/26/06 11:30 AM

I would like to thank Messers Kaufman, Acer, and particularly Jack Parker for such a trove of excellent treasures. Each and every item is excellent.
With the added bonus of watching the effects performed online, (and the Vernon material by Mr. Ben & the Chief Genii) the $6 cover price for this issue is truly among THE biggest magi-bargains in memory. :whack: hear hear! Thank you, Gentlemen!

Postby Gordon Bean » 05/28/06 06:48 PM

In Psychomancy (1986), David Britland has a very effective Do-As-I-Do routine called Three Times a Lady, which--building on ideas from Paul Curry and Stewart James--is based on clever force that uses a DB card and a DF card. I use the same force procedure in The Los Angeles Open, which I released as a bonus effect with Joker, Joker (2002): my only addition is to allow the spectator to repeat the force procedure as many times as desired, which works especially well in the context of an Open Prediction. This is the same repeatable-force idea that Jack Parker uses in Voyeurism, one of his Magicana offerings. I've little doubt that this is an example of independent creation, since it's one of those ideas that people are bound to bump into. (Indeed, the Britland credit was pointed out to me after I'd already put out Joker, Joker.) Just wanted to add the footnote and continue reading Parker's engaging material.
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Postby Guest » 05/29/06 12:32 PM

Jack Parkers Magicana is as good as any small booklet of card magic Ive ever read Marlo, Hamman, Lorayne any! And to think its not even the core of the issue.

Postby Guest » 05/31/06 10:22 AM

Jack Parker's travelling without moving: I knew Larry, Bruce and Bill M. before the open travelers. Their effect was revolutionary and one of the greatest card effects of the 20th century. Jack's concept and execution of the plot will be recorded as one of the greatest of this century. It is a quantum step foreward, and is real magic. It is a pleasure to see it recorded.

Now about that last card..lets see..if I use no duplicates and openly palm the card in my right hand..and use the same transfer into the left hand..I should be able to make the appearance of the last ace face up as strong as the other three..Hmm...lets...this might work
Dick Cook

Postby David Acer » 06/04/06 09:18 AM

I did "Remote Control" at the Comedyworks holding bar last night for a couple of friends and the impact bordered on a religious experience.
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Postby Guest » 06/12/06 04:47 AM

Firstly, thanks again to everyone who posted here and also thhose who emailed me regarding the material in this months Magicana. The response has been overwhelming. Fantastic to know the effects are being used and enjoyed.

To Gordon - thanks indeed for this heads up on your effect and David Britland's. As you guessed, I was unaware of either of these items. I contacted yourself and David by email just to confirm this.

I hope the management won't mind but a little plug.... If oyu enjoyed the Magicana material then my new booklet "Set to Kill" is now available in both Ebook and hard copy formats. all the information oyu need is at the link below including quotes, demo video, contents list etc.




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