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Postby Mike Remington » 06/27/10 12:21 PM

I will be in London from 10 through 15 July and in Bath and Oxford for a couple of days each after that. I noticed Penn and Teller will be in London at that time. Is there any place else to see magic during that time?
Mike Remington
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Postby Q. Kumber » 06/27/10 01:48 PM

In Bath, don't miss Noel Britten's Bizarre Bath Walk

In London there are two main shops International Magic and Davenport's
If you are in London on a Monday night, you might be able to get a member of The Magic Circle to gain you admittance.

Also check out Duncan Trillo's for all current UK Magic news and don't overlook the "What's On" page on the site.
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Q. Kumber
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 06/27/10 02:02 PM

You should go to The Magic Circle if you can find a member to bring you in as a guest.
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Postby Steve Bryant » 06/27/10 05:49 PM

Alas, you are leaving a day early to have enjoyed the next public night for Simon Drake's House of Magic.

Check it out at
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