Bammo invertolator

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Postby Guest » 06/19/02 01:50 PM

The Bammo Invertolator is a really sweet move. It would be vey cool to use it in conjuncton wih a marked deck. Spread the cards, and ask them to name a card. Use the invertolator to control it. Then, you could load it into an envelope, and reveal it as a prediction. Just bouncing an idea around. Write back eith any comments

Postby Larry Horowitz » 06/25/02 10:12 PM

I have already tried this move in a simple routine. Forced a card, had it lost back into the deck and shuffled by spectator. Spread the deck to show spectator how completly he had shuffle the deck then brought the card to the top.-
Very easy to do. In fact the spectator said the trick was so easy he would even show me how it was done if I would let him examine the deck and find the gimmicked card for himself. I gave him the deck to keep!
Larry Horowitz
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Postby Pete McCabe » 06/25/02 10:59 PM

Larry -- I am delighted to hear you are able to get away with this. My first thought was that when you spread the deck, if the spectator finds their card, they can't help but notice if you cut the deck right at that point. If they don't, that's good to know.

I wonder: Do you think you could stick the Ambitious Card cleanly into the middle of the deck, then spread the deck to show the card in the middle, then do the move, snap your fingers, and show it on top? Would that fly?

I can't wait to see what this move has to do with the trick.
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