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I thought it would be good words to have here too . .

. ....if effects are not evolved and pushed to their limit magic will never change or
evolve. You make an interesting point. And some thoughts to ponder. When
is it time to say this effect is finished and when to say its done. Id say it
depends on the piece. And the audiences reaction to the effect. My personal
opinion and my observation of the matter is an effect is never finished and is
in constant motion and evolution at all times. Ive designed and built many
large stage illusions. (As well as small ones) One of which probably a handful
of times. If the effect had not been re-addressed over and over itd not be
the miracle it is today. Unlike a painting. Which is a stationary piece of art.
Magic is a malleable and in constant state of flux. A good performer should
always be in the pursuit of evolution originality and perfection of whatever piece
he or she is doing. But. When is it time to say one is finished? I feel its
the million dollar question.

Example: In regards to FLYING. I know that the original concept was a far
cry from the final piece. I understand that countless hours and headache
were spent getting the piece right. They were getting to a point where
it just was not working at all. Something simple, and effective was tried
after re-evaluating the situation - and a masterpiece was born. Constant
and pursuit and relentless pursuit of perfection. And that was only the
beginning of the journey. Touring, audience testing, constant filming
and re-evaluating performance and workings - years of evolution and
creation. Thousands and thousands of man hours and hundreds of
thousands of dollars in fabrication, gear and other related items.
If DC or another performer went with the original concept - left it
the way it was it would certainly not be the masterpiece it'd be today.

Another: THE FAN , also went through a great deal of trial. Over a million
was spent on the prop and its development (rumor has it) . Hundreds of
man hours in choreography, staging and testing. Then audience testing.
Its still being changed and modified. (now just done with david and not
two people) Again- other fan illusions - Wyrick, Jet engine props , don't
have HALF the power THE FAN does. Why is this? Time, Energy. And
pursuit of relentless perfection & Evolution.

I'm currently building a new effect. I'd been developing it and working on
the concept for years. Years and years. Got to the point where I could take it
no further. I shelved it for a year. I got married. Got inspired to work on it
again. Drew up the final drawing. I had the look. Now I had to actually design
the thing. Another year went by. The drawings were finished. Now into
pre-visualization. Was and is the most detail I had ever dived into pre-fabrication.

Finally selling the concept. Just to now it'd collectively taken five or six years just
getting the look and the routine correct. It'd been an effect that was special to
me just like fine wine sitting in a barrel waiting for perfect flavor. If I had rushed
it or tried to make it something it was not It would never have been what it was.

Now to the builder. Discovering changes. Structural elements. More changes for
client budget reasons and practicality for touring. A reality of the business.
Always happens when fabrication begins and things evolve.

The thing has not even hit the stage yet. And its been years into development
A few months in fabrication. We'll have the prop in a warehouse for testing.
Then more testing with tech rehearsal, lights, sound, choreography. Possible
modifications and structural changes to the prop additions, removals. Electrical,
physical modifications and changes.

Then audience testing. More changes. More conversation, evolution. Pursuit of perfection.
Could be another few years to perfect it before the owner chooses to put it on TV.

My observation as its literally happening right now to me, as I'm observing the process.

I realize I have not really provided an answer of when to stop the pursuit of relentless
perfection. I'm not sure it ever stops to be honest. As long as the audience is truly
blown away and effected emotionally and on the surface level, and the artist
is always striving for the best in what they do. To be original. To be themselves.
To push the envelope of the magic, to push themselves and the people that work
with them to do things even they thought was impossible.

Our art is a malleable, ever changing entity. Never stationary and will always have
something new and original. Different. Things will be evolved, and changed. Made better.
Sometimes things are overdone - over-thought. Where something should remain simple.
I suppose that's the dichotomy isn't it. . .
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