This Sunday 6/13 at Midwest Magic--BILL GLADWELL!

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On Sunday, June 13 at 2 p.m., Midwest Magic is proud to present:


Bill is able to predict and influence people's thoughts and actions with covert suggestion, manipulate their decision-making process, and read unconscious signs that indicate what a person is thinking. By combining hypnosis, NLP, psychology, and directed awareness with over twenty years of focused attention on the study and application of advanced mind control techniques; Bill creates an intimate performance that you will never forget.

In this lecture, Bill will be discussing and teaching his theory on hypnosis that is now being studied and used at The Ohio State University. Bill's method is NOT the traditional vision most people have when the subject of hypnosis comes up. You will learn how to incorporate hypnotic language, suggestion, and psychology into your performance to make "real" magic.

Bill will begin with effects that take little practice but play big, such as his Card Install, In Sync, and Lie Detector. He will conclude by teaching real hypnotic phenomena that you will leave with the skill and ability to perform. The lecture will include:
CARD INSTALL--With a few questions to learn how your spectator makes both conscious and unconscious choices, you lead them to deal only those cards that you have covertly installed in their mind AND THE SPECTATOR HAS COMPLETE CONTROL OF THE DECK AT ALL TIMES!

IN SYNC--After explaining what it really means to know another person so well that you can finish each others thoughts, you hand a deck of cards to Spectator 1. Spectator 1 freely chooses a card from the deck that THEY ARE HOLDING, remembers it, and places it back in the deck. The deck is then passed to Spectator 2. Spectator 2 concentrates on the face down deck until they get a "feeling". When Spectator 2 chooses a card from the deck that THEY ARE HOLDING, it matches the card that Spectator 1 chose.

LIE DETECTOR--With a few calibrating questions, you quickly learn when your spectator is telling the truth and when they're telling a lie. You demonstrate this by allowing your spectator to freely choose a card. After four simple questions, you are able to name their card.

COLD BUSINESS--A great way to get your business card into the hands of your spectators! Several spectators secretly write one word on the back of your business card. The business cards are thoroughly mixed, and you proceed to analyze the handwriting on each card describing the personality of the writer. You then hand the card to the person who wrote each word. You end with an elegant mind read of the last spectator's word.

COLOR BLIND--Four different color cards are placed on the table in front of your spectator. Your spectator is asked to name the color of each of the cards, and they name the colors. Using hypnosis to create a series of belief changes in your spectator, they can no longer recognize the correct color of each card. Your spectator now believes that each color is something different.

This is not your father's magic lecture!

Tickets are $20 and seating in order of reservation, so call today!

Midwest Magic

9706 Franklin Av.

Franklin Park, IL 60131

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Remember it's THIS Sunday!
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