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Postby carlandrews » 06/05/10 03:11 PM

BizCard (Be like Bond)
The hippest and hottest way to hand out your business card!
Someone asks for your business card and you say that you are all out but "there is an App for that". Launch BizCard and print your business card right on your iPhone screen. Move the card around the screen and then actually produce it from your iPhone. How cool are you?
Easy to do, a lot of fun, and why just hand someone a business card from your pocket when you can do it like Bond?
"The best way to produce a business card I've ever seen - probably one of the best iPhone Apps I've seen incorporating magic!" - Paul Romhany
"LOVE that!!!" - Gregory Wilson

From Carl R Andrews, Inc.
Inspired by TC Tahoe
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Postby mrgoat » 06/05/10 04:25 PM

Smart idea!

Just a thought, what about adding a 'design a card' wizard in the app where the spec can 'pick' the colour of the background, the ink, the strapline etc, and then their 'choice' gets printed...
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Postby carlandrews » 06/28/10 12:49 AM

"I'm just crazy, about BizCardMagic. Simple and very, very effective. Congratulations! It is my pet effect currently alongside No Freakin' Way. Even my wife liked it and she hates magic, iPhones and Apps equally!" - Nick Lewin
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