Guillotine for a Halloween Musical

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Postby Adam Brooks » 06/03/10 04:47 PM

Hey all,

I'm co-writing a short musical for Halloween this year, centered around an old-timey circus, and a magician central character.

At the moment, we have a guillotine as the big finale to the character's act, and we're exploring our options.

My cohorts done a bit of shopping around, and have been unsuccessful thus far. I'm checking out; but I think our ideal would be finding guillotine plans; we have the means to construct one if need be.

Any help anyone can offer in tracking down a guillotine, or plans would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks!
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Postby Jager » 06/04/10 01:36 PM

Try contacting Mark Wilson. He has cool one laying around in his wharehouse.
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Postby Jim Riser » 06/04/10 02:12 PM

The first consideration with such an illusion is safety. You do not want to injure or actually kill someone with your creation. There are plans and drawings around in several books. If you more fully describe the effect that you are after, it would be easier to point you in the right direction.
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Postby Ryan Matney » 06/04/10 03:14 PM

I suggest you contact Wellington. They build several very nice guillotines and can customize to suit your show. Bill Schmeelk is very good to deal with.

You might not be happy with one you try to construct yourself and then it will be too late to get a good one.
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Postby David Alexander » 06/04/10 05:08 PM

What happened to the old Thurston guillotine that Kirkham sold to Alice Cooper? It could still be sitting in Alice's warehouse. Maybe he'd rent it.

Here's what it looks like: ... re=related

Bad timing in this version: ... re=related

Here's a tribute to the effect: ... re=related
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Postby Paulleemagic » 03/11/11 11:46 AM

Here is a list of Builders

Paul Lee
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Postby brownbeauty » 03/11/11 04:01 PM

Here is a Will Rock Model made by Owen Magic Supreme. This is the same model that Alice Cooper used originally. Monster Guillotine/Will Rock
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