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Postby Themagicofcurtis » 05/13/10 04:45 PM

hi guys, I wanted to let you know about the street magic web series that I have started, "Magic with Curtis", which will be posted once a week. I do the music and editing myself, some music is by Kevin Macleod, while I also use garageband loops.

the fist episode is of Extreme Burn 2.0 and here is the link:

second episode is of a card trick, the card under the foot, credits to michael kent:

if you have a youtube account I hope that you will comment and subscribe but if you don't, check the post here for the link each week :-)
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Postby Themagicofcurtis » 05/26/10 01:24 PM

the third episode is up of a card change (live performances) :
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Postby Themagicofcurtis » 06/03/10 08:10 AM

episode 4 is up with 6 mashed up live performances of the 2 card monte:
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Postby mrgoat » 06/03/10 08:17 AM

OK. If you want some thoughts...

a) The beginning is really dull. No one knows what is going on. Nothing is explained. If you do not know the trick, you have no idea what is meant to be being seen here. So, I would edit it so you have one version of the intro of the trick. Not 6. Then cut in the different reactions...talking of which...

b) Where are the reaction shots? You seem to only have a couple where you can see their faces.

I would shoot the effect 20 times. 10 times with the cam close on the cards and 10 times with it close on their faces. Maybe another 10 times medium shot to get everything in view.

Then edit that.


But it's cool as hell you are getting out there and doing magic and sharing it with everyone. Hats off to you for that man!

(Your editing seems to be improving too!)

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Postby Themagicofcurtis » 06/16/10 09:05 AM

thanks damian, I am still working hard on the editing and performances and I invested in a flip HD camera....... also if you notice only the first episode has a dark lighting scene...on that note, episode 5 is up of my ambitious card routine, I kept it moving and fresh so as not to bore a magician:
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