Danny Orbit's "It Takes Money to Make Money" & Tamariz's Crossing The Gaze Switch

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Postby Ruben Padilla » 10/30/07 10:00 PM

I was disappointed to discover that the supposed "Crossing the Gaze Switch" that is credited to Tamariz and described in this column is absolutely NOTHING like Tamariz's great invention. Anybody who is not familiar with the beautiful construction of the original switch might actually believe that this is a true representation. Not true.

In the Genii article, no teaching of the gaze is taught! To work properly, the crossing of the gaze with the choregoraphy of the hands is vitally important and exactly timed, not once, but twice - first from the left pocket to the right, and then from the right pocket to the audience.

Also, in the original, the hands go into the pockets just twice (one for each side). In the Genii article, the pockets are checked three times and the performer looks like he's a buffoon juggling a hot potato.

Just terrible...
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Ruben Padilla
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Postby David Acer » 10/31/07 07:42 PM

Hi Ruben,

First, no blame should be placed upon Donald Orbit for the issues you address above. He uses the shuttle pass method described in the additional comments. Any failure in the writing of the other switch is mine.

Second, where I erred was in calling it the Crossing the Gaze switch, though this particular approach to the concept looks quite beautiful when properly performed - Richard Sanders uses it in his bill-in kiwi effect, on the Close-Up Assassin video, and in "The Castle Card in Coin Purse," on The Richard Sanders Show. In both of these performance segments there is no sense of juggling or "buffoonery" during the move, partially due to Richard's relaxed, casual demeanor.
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 10/31/07 07:57 PM

Part of this might also be my fault: I rewrote David Acer's description of the switch because it didn't seem correct to me.

I would say it's a comedy of errors. When you have to crank out a magazine every month, this sort of thing sometimes happens.
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Postby NCMarsh » 10/31/07 08:53 PM

This is being unforgivably pedantic on my part, but -- in addition to the incorrect description of the switch -- Tamariz published the technique in question as "Double Crossing the Gaze" not "Crossing the Gaze"...with the reprint now readily available, I highly recommend anyone working on this powerful technique go to the original source The Five Points in Magic...I think the correct title is important because it emphasizes that there are two times in the technique, when properly performed, when the hands and gaze move in opposite directions....

Incidentally, the Orbit trick is cool...

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Postby Guest » 10/31/07 11:22 PM

I specialize in visual "buffoonery"


Postby Ruben Padilla » 11/01/07 12:16 PM

Donny, David, Richard, and all those involved: I meant no personal attacks, and feel that nobody here is a "buffoon". I just wanted to make sure that the uninformed didn't take this move as the representation of Tamariz's thinking.

I'm sure it does look great when Richard Sanders does it, and now that it's been established that it's a useful switch in its own right, I'll take a second look at it.

Frankly, I'm amazed at the high quality that Richard manages to churn out on a monthly basis. My post was only meant to clarify. I'm sorry if I appeared upset or emotional. 'Twas not the case.

Switching to another topic...

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Ruben Padilla
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Postby Andrew » 07/31/08 05:41 PM

Okay, it's my fault then.
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