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Postby Dick Christian » 04/23/10 02:49 PM

Alain Nus Secret Series annuounces The Art of the Book Test Seminar & Workshop
WHEN: Saturday, MAY 8th, 2010 (1:00 to 6:00 PM)
WHERE: Alains Bat Cave in Kensington-Silver Spring, Maryland

Whether you currently perform book tests or are just thinking of doing so, this is your chance to learn everything you ever wanted to know about book tests . . . and MORE.

I will be joining renowned mentalist Alain Nu, acclaimed author of Word Work I and Word Work II, and star of The Mysterious World of Alain Nu on TLC, at this special seminar and workshop in which YOU will spend an entire afternoon learning ALL about specific mind-reading demonstrations that involve the selection and revelation of random words, phrases and images chosen from entire books. PLUS BOTH MINE AND ALAINS PERSONAL BOOK TEST PHILOSOPHIES and TECHNIQUES will be entirely revealed.

Some of the topics covered include: the history of book tests and forcing books, significant milestones in the evolution of the genre, the various types/categories/classes of book tests, how to turn any book into a forcing book, and various ways of forcing the books, lines or words used in book tests.

I will review the evolution of the most currently popular type of book test the peek book from its origin in the 1940s through the latest examples published in 2010 including those using both gaffed and ungaffed books.

Some of the old, rare and unusual books and associated tests, various gimmicks and devices used in book tests and the most popular contemporary books and tests from my personal collection will be on display.

There are many different ways to present book tests. Alain (who performed several book tests in The Mysterious World of Alain Nu on TLC ) and I will discuss in depth various ways to think about and perform such demonstrations as well as our criteria for the perfect book test and those we use in our own performances.

My detailed lecture notes include a copy of my award-winning article Notes on the History of Book Tests which appeared in the April 2008 issue of The Linking Ring and for which I was awarded the 2009 Howard Bamman Trophy for Best Article, an overview of the types/categories of book tests with notable examples, notes on various cribs, gaffs and gimmicks, a list of the most popular contemporary book tests and sources, and a bibliography of reference material on book tests.

***Bring ANY copy of YOUR FAVORITE BOOK, and YOU will walk away with a simple and transformed understanding of this subject! This is a hands-on workshop and one that you wont want to miss!***

FINALLY, just for attending, Alain will provide you with a FREE copy of Alices Adventures in Wonderland! It will be completely examinable and readable, and yet, by coming to this event, you will be able to perform the most amazing book test effect with it! Additional unpublished ideas and concepts you wont find in any book will also be discussed. This is the workshop in which Alain will open the doors to his inner mind and allow you to step inside and take a look around before he closes it up again.

DATE: Saturday, May 8th, 2010
TIME: 1:00 to 6:00 PM
(Doors open at 12:30pm) 5 hours total (snacks will be provided)
COST: $40

Contact Alain at, with copy to me at, to RSVP and/or if you need the correct address for the "Bat Cave."

NEWS FLASH!!!-- ALL Alain Nu products will be sold at VERY AFFORDABLE marked-down prices at this event! To see the product list, please visit:

About Secret Series: Now three years in the running, Secret Series has brought in some of the worlds greatest mentalists and magicians to perform, share, and offer their creative works at bargain prices. Alain would appreciate your help in getting the word about Secret Series out to interested practitioners of magic and mentalism. Feel free to forward this e-mail or his e-mail address to anyone you think would want to be on his mailing list for future lectures and workshops.
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Dick Christian
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Postby Dick Christian » 05/01/10 08:48 AM

Seats are still available. If you are serious about book tests or simply want to learn more about them, you won't want to miss this 1/2 day seminar and workshop. You can contact me at (or by phone at (703) 425-6663) or Alain at for information or to reserve your seat.
Dick Christian
Dick Christian
Posts: 208
Joined: 08/18/08 11:03 AM
Location: Fairfax Station, VA (Metro DC)

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