in unpacking from my move, I ran across

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Postby Dale Bower » 04/20/10 06:52 PM

Hi all! I posted a question a few days back, got the info I needed--thanks. NOW, another unpacking from moving, I came across a prop I have no recollection of--the name (hand-written on envelope, not by me) is: "New Improved CRAZEE SIGN. No indication of who made it. It's a metal plaque, maybe 8" square, painted to resemble a traffic sign arrow. It's 2-sided, and has a "permanent" arrow on one side, and an arrow (facing another direction) on the reverse, with a couple black magnetic pieces, but they don't seem to make it reform to put arrow facing another way (ala the dot cards). Anyone have any idea what this is, or effect? Just curious. Thanks. *DALE*
Dale Bower
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Postby Joe Pecore » 04/20/10 07:47 PM

From Ed Mishell's review in June 1982 issue of Genii:

CRAZEE SIGN A seven inch square traffic sign is displayed. It is yellow with a large black arrow depicted thereon. The sign is first shown with the arrow pointing to the left. It is then pivoted between the hands so that the opposite side may be seen."It is then shown so that the arrow points upwards, then downwards. As a climax the highway sign finally appears displaying a curved arrow.


Sign and fully illustrated instructions
Price $12.00 plus $1.50
shipping and handling.
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Postby Dale Bower » 04/26/10 06:45 PM

Thanks--answered my question! Appreciate the assistance!
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