Matthew Dowden's "Shrinkage"

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Postby David Acer » 07/17/05 03:33 PM

England's Matthew Dowden kindly e-mailed me another application for "Shrinkage," his strikingly visual shrinking card effect that just appeared in the July Genii (2005).

"You can use this technique for a stickman routine. (e.g. Richard Sanders's 'Richie's Little Stickman,' from THE CLOSE-UP ASSASSIN) You need to cut a stickman out of a playing card and colour it in on both sides with a black marker. Then, after the stickman trick (in Sanders's effect, a stickman drawn on the back of an indifferent card slides onto another card, then another, and eventually drops down through the deck, landing on a signed selection), you give the spectator the stickman card. You also have a duplicate of this card on top of the deck. Steal the cut-out stickman from your back pocket, loading it in the same position as you would the mini card in 'Shrinkage,' then take the selection back from the spectator and say that actually, you'll be needing the stickman, as he is your assistant. Place the stickman card on top of the deck and do the palm/chuck move described in Genii. It looks like the stickman jumps off the selection."
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Postby Guest » 07/17/05 04:35 PM

---(From Seinfeld)

ELAINE: It shrinks?
JERRY: Like a frightened turtle!
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