David Acer's Tenkai Quarters

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Postby Guest » 03/27/03 07:43 AM

Absolutely brilliant! However, (and maybe David could answer this) wouldn't the noise created by the two quarters sliding against each other create a problem in the real world? Otherwise, the effect is stunning...

any thoughts

Postby David Acer » 03/28/03 04:59 PM

Hi Chris,

Glad you like the trick! To answer your question, I've never felt the tiny scraping sound has evoked any suspicion from the spectator(s). There's so much movement, chatter, background din, etc in the kind of places I work, it's always been a non-issue.
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Postby Guest » 03/28/03 07:12 PM

That's good to hear. I'll give it a test drive at one of my restaurants.

Thanks David

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