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Postby Guest » 05/19/04 10:07 PM

I perform walk-around in a restaurant, I like the "IT" effect with a business card. My question is this, because I am in and out of my pockets through the night, I run a great risk of breaking the thread, even with the hook up going along the arm. I hooked the thread up tonight, just to see if I could get through a night without the thread breaking. About half way through it got caught on a shoe string I was pulling out of my pocket. Should I use an "ITR", so the thread can be retractable when I am done. Or is it just a matter of me being more aware and careful of the thread.
Your thoughts would be appreciated.

Steve V (the other one)

ps How durable is the thread with the ITR?

Postby Michael Close » 05/20/04 08:41 PM

Concerning this trick:

I think that I was the first to publish a method for performing Gaetan's "Impossible is not French" (the standing card effect) on the magician's hand. The trick is called "Bloom on Your Hand" and it is in Workers 4. Because of the nature of the hook-up it is very unlikely that you will ever break the thread.


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Postby Guest » 05/20/04 10:45 PM


Are you still using the secret wax Homer Liwag suggests? Or have you found something better?

One funny story about this trick. I was in Brad Burt's Magic Shop a few years ago, and a customer was discussing this trick. I asked if he'd seen the Thumb Tip version, and he said no. I said I'd show it to him.

As it happened I had my thumbtip in my pocket, probably because it was in that period when I carried it with me always, but let's just pretend I had something specific to show to somebody. Anyway I got it on secretly as I was removing my wallet to get a business card.

I put the card on the back of my hand and let go, and it balanced in the air.

The guy said "How do you do that?"

Postby Richard Kaufman » 05/23/04 11:03 AM

We'll included an updated credit to Mike in the next Genii Speaks. :)
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Postby Michael Close » 05/23/04 01:33 PM

Thanks, Richard.

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