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Postby Dale Bower » 04/06/10 11:59 PM

Hi all! Not a newbie (been doing magic about 60 years!)--and was a past forum member for several years, but my log-in stopped working so I "rejoined"...

Here's my "problem"--for years I've used a special deck of cards. It was a marketed effect, but I have no recollection of who made it or what it was called. I'd like to get a couple new back-up decks (mine's had a lot of use)--but no idea what to look/ask for.

It's a specially printed deck, with 3/4 of each card showing one of 52 cards, but the bottom right corner have all the same force card number & pip. Non-standard backs (not Bikes or FL)--does this ring a bell with anyone? What's the name of the effect, and/or where can I get this (or similar) decks? Thanks for any help!
Dale Bower
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Postby mrgoat » 04/07/10 09:40 AM

I believe you are talking about the monte cristo deck?

MONTE CRISTO DECK (The "Perfect" force deck): A real "Bicycle deck" of all the same card (example 3/D)) When fanned or spread from one end, it shows a full, normal 52 card deck. When faned from the other end they are all the same card...

Cards By Martin used to do them...

This chap does, but says sold out.


Drop him an email maybe?
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Postby Dale Bower » 04/20/10 06:43 PM

Thanks for the e-mails & suggestions--what I needed was the MASTERMIND deck, and already have it ordered. Thanks! *DALE*
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Postby peter fox » 04/29/10 03:01 PM

please tell me if you have at the moment a deck of bicycle Monte Cristo deck of cards? peter fox
peter fox
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Postby peter fox » 04/29/10 03:03 PM

looking for a Monte Cristo deck bicycle
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Postby The Magic Apple » 04/30/10 10:46 AM

It is now called the Mastermind deck, it comes in Red Bicycle. Retail is $30

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Postby Dale Bower » 05/19/10 05:36 PM

Yes--the MASTERMIND deck is what I was looking for--it's the Monte Cristo deck with Bicycle backs. Available with choice of 2 force cards. I first found it at a shop on-line (after doing a search by name for Mastermind Deck) then have seen them offered lately on eBay. Now have 3 of them! Hope this helps! *DALE*
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 05/19/10 06:36 PM

Henry Hardin's "Peerless Monte Cristo Cards" came with a blue Bicycle Rider back the day they were first printed by Theodore DeLand 100 years ago.
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Postby CardMaker » 09/19/10 10:48 AM

Series 3 of the CardMaker Monte Cristo Deck is in stock now!
Special price until 11-30-2010 is EUR 24.50.

For further information take a stop here:

Click on the picture there to go to the prices page.
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Postby Jonathan Townsend » 09/20/10 08:30 AM

Wow - that's a fun utility item. Congrats on getting them made and offering them. There's a killer item in the old Kaps notes that would be fun to do again too.
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