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Postby Brad Ball » 08/19/04 06:49 AM

Does anyone remember a Jeff McBride trick where, with a single hand, a rubber band is stretched to form a star? I can't remember the issue so if anyone knows could you please remind me. Thanks.
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Postby Guest » 08/19/04 02:21 PM

I didn't recall seeing it in Genii, but McBride's "Starweaver" is on one of the Dan Harlan videos, I think the second one, but don't quote me on that.


Postby Edwin Corrie » 08/19/04 03:39 PM

Jeff McBride's Starweaver is on Vol. 3 of the Dan Harlan video set.

The same method (also with the title Starweaver) is given in a German book of rubber band magic by Brumoli (Dr. Edi Brum), which is a compilation of tricks from various sources all translated into German. According to the bibliography it appeared in the first instalment of David Harkey's Genii column called "Harkey for a Year", but is credited to Eugene Jefferson. I only have a handful of old Geniis, so all I can say for sure is that the February 1992 issue (Vol. 55 No. 4) contains the seventh instalment in the Harkey series.

I vaguely remember a trick where you make the star and switch it for a metal one which you drop on the table.
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Postby Guest » 08/19/04 07:17 PM

I remember this trick as well , you have one fact

wrong, There is a Japanese rubber band when not

streched is a star. I have looked for them at

office supply stores and the internet and google

but could not find them . Anybody know where to

get them email me or post it here.....Mike

Postby Guest » 08/19/04 09:52 PM

The star shaped rubber bands I beleive were part of an effect that was marketed sometime back.
They can be had at magic shops. You can call Chris Reesman @ Encore Magic : 810-732-3694
I know back when I worked there we carried them and sure they are available.

Postby Guest » 08/19/04 10:52 PM

I believe the effect Mike refers to is called "Stargazer". The similarity with the above-referenced "Starweaver" begins and ends with making a star out of a rubberband. The methods for the star's construction is significantly different in both, although in theory they should be fairly interchangeable. The cool thing with "Starweaver" is that it can be done one-handed.

If I'm not entirely mistaken, since it's been a while since my copy got lost, there was a two-handed (construction, not display, that's still on one hand) method for a star in the original Elastrix.

--Andy, former rubberband magic junkie

Postby Edwin Corrie » 08/20/04 12:35 AM

I'm pretty sure there was a routine with a metal star too. As Andy says, Alan Wong's Star Gazer is completely different in method. And yes, there is a one-handed star display constructed with two hands in the original Elastrix, as well as a two-handed display (which is very similar to the Jon Allen one on Dan Harlan Vol. 3).

Can anyone comment on the Jefferson/McBride credits? The methods seem to be identical. Could it be that it was popularised by Jeff McBride and has become associated with him, just as Michael Ammar has become associated with various things through his ETM card videos?
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Postby Guest » 08/21/04 01:50 AM

Las Vegas Magician Jeff McBride sets the Guinness World RecordTM in Three Categories:

Postby Bill Duncan » 08/21/04 06:19 PM

Wow, not only did JM get into the book but he did it in the future!

Check the dateline on the story...
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