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I know Darwin Ortiz and others have written about doing a top transfer with a strip-out shuffle. Has anyone written about doing the transfer with a push-through shuffle?

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In Vernon's book Revelations, he writes about the block transfer with a push-through in the last chapter about new material.

(By the way, a 20+ pages discussion about "Block Transfer Shuffles" of various types (but mainly strip-out) can be found in Fulves' Riffle Shuffle Technique - Part III, page 166 )


Postby Philippe Billot » 10/17/07 03:49 AM

See also

Riffle Shuffle Systems (1959) by Ed Marlo.
Page 103 : Center Block Transfer
Page 128 : Block Transfer Applied
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Postby Guest » 10/17/07 02:07 PM

There's also a single card transfer in Riffle Shuffle Technique part 1 pg.33


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