Ali Bongo...and Hobson's Egg Bag

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Postby Todd Karr » 03/19/10 11:24 AM

Hi, everyone!

MagicCon 2010 is so far a cutting-edge convention...congratulations to the Buck brothers!

Announcing two exciting DVD releases you will want to have in your collection...order now and save $10 on each at The Miracle Factory

Ali Bongo: Pongolian Delights DVD

Ali Bongo (1929-2009) stood as one one magic's most prolific inventors, creating practical and highly visual effects for British television stars like David Nixon and Paul Daniels, and he remains a beloved figure for his wonderful comedy act as the Shriek of Araby.

Our Ali Bongo: Pongolian Delights DVD includes almost two hours of material in which Bongo explains nine of his creations, all superbly designed for commercial and televised conditions: simple, direct, and magical. The disk includes comedy effects, predictions, close-up, and more.

You'll also be treated to Ali's discussions of his work with Paul Daniels and David Nixon, his FISM acts, and other journeys through his life in magic. Order now for only $20 (regular $30)!

Hobson: In the Sack DVD:
The World's finest and funniest Egg Bag routine

Hobson reveals all the secrets of his brilliant Egg Bag routine! Our Hobson: In the Sack DVD captures Hobson as he explains every step of his hilarious and mysterious routine, complete with all Hobson's moves and gags. You'll also learn his subtleties of working with spectators, additional ideas for trade shows and alternate finales, and you'll receive his insight into various bags, eggs, and routines.

Hobson's Egg Bag will be a hit in your show! Now you can learn it from the master of this classic effect! Order now for only $20 (regular $30)!

Best wishes,
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