New film "The Illusionist" (no not that one , the NEW one)

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Postby David Nethery » 03/17/10 01:27 PM


Here is one of the first trailers of the new animated film by director Sylvain Chomet ("The Triplets of Belleville") .


The connection to magic: well, obviously because the main character is a magician (modeled on Jacques Tati ) , but secondly because one of the Genii forum members, Greg Manwaring, was an animator on this film.

(there is more footage from the film in this French interview with the director Sylvain Chomet: )

Trailer linked above is in Russian. Here is the translation of the inter-titles on the trailer:

In life, there are just a few things that are worth doing.
But sometimes the world is not ready to receive
that, which we are able to offer it.

This story tells of the journey of one man
which enabled him to keep his magical gift
and to rediscover for himself
what is worth doing for him in life.

From the director of that masterpiece of European animation
"The Triplets of Belleville", Sylvain Chomet.

Based on the screenplay of the legendary Jacques Tati.


"The Illusionist"

Film premiered at the Berlin Film Festival in February to rave reviews. It will open in in Europe in May . No U.S. distributor or release date is known at this time through it is apparently in negotiation and should be announced soon.

The official description from Pathe France web site:

" [Set in the early 1960's] The Illusionist is one of a dying breed of stage entertainers. With emerging rock stars stealing his thunder, he is forced to accept increasingly obscure assignments in fringe theatres, at garden parties and in bars and cafes. However, while performing in a village pub off the west coast of Scotland, he encounters Alice, an innocent young girl, who will change his life forever.

Watching his performance to the excited and amazed villagers who are celebrating the arrival of electricity to their remote island, Alice becomes awestruck by our hero and believes his tricks are real magic.

Following him to Edinburgh, she acts as his housekeeper while he goes to work in a small local theatre. Enchanted by her enthusiasm for his act, he rewards her with increasingly lavish gifts he has conjured into existence. Desperate not to disappoint her, he cannot bring himself to reveal that magic does not exist and that buying these gifts is driving him to ruin.

But as Alice comes of age, she finds love and moves on. The Illusionist no longer has to pretend and, untangled from his own web of deceit, resumes his life a much wiser man."

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Postby Ian Kendall » 03/17/10 02:32 PM

I tried so hard to get into the animation studio, but never got past the front door...
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 03/17/10 02:39 PM

This looks great.
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Postby David Nethery » 03/17/10 03:15 PM

If the link to the Russian website above is slow to load here is an alternative link to the same trailer on YouTube:

(I'll post an English trailer whenever one goes up. I think this one was leaked because the distributor , Pathe International, does not yet have an official trailer posted)
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Postby Ian Kendall » 03/17/10 03:48 PM

Lovely shot of Edinburgh's skyline at the end. Looking forward to this.
Ian Kendall
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Postby amp » 03/18/10 08:36 AM

Richard Kaufman wrote:This looks great.

Ya looks like a great movie.
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Postby greg manwaring » 04/11/10 11:11 AM

Thanks for the plug David! Yes, the film LOOKS AMAZING!! I can't vouch for the story though.

Yeah Ian, they were so damn strict with their visitor policy. Embra's well represented in the film!
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Postby David Nethery » 05/23/10 05:37 PM

Official website is up:

The movie will be distributed in North America by Sony Classics.
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Postby Dale Shrimpton » 05/24/10 04:27 AM

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Postby Jerry Harrell » 05/30/10 08:12 AM

Thanks for posting this. Really looking forward to it.
Jerry Harrell
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Postby Doctor Xombie » 06/06/10 03:23 AM

This does look cool. I hope it hits DVD here soon.
-Roger "The Doctor"
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Postby Ray Chelt » 07/24/10 07:01 AM


You could spend a happy couple of hours just looking at individual frames ---beautiful
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Postby CraigOusterling » 08/20/10 12:29 PM

Looks like we'll get it is the US on Christmas 2010.
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Postby mrgoat » 08/20/10 02:39 PM

Saw it today. It is charming.
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Postby Doug Thornton » 10/31/10 07:15 PM

More info from today's NY Times.
Jacques Tati is a gem. See his (live action)movies when you can. ... ati&st=cse
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