Pinetti: Magic's First Star and his Secrets

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Postby Todd Karr » 03/10/10 10:06 PM

Hi, everyone

Giuseppe Pinetti (1750-1800) was one of early magic's first stars, with sold-out shows and command performances throughout Europe in the late eighteeenth century. His elegant theatre show, with its dazzling card tricks, stage routines, and automata, marked a historic step forward for magicians as magic's first onstage spectacle.

Our Pinetti: Traces of an Early Magic Star CD brings you over 1100 pages of Pinetti material, featuring his rare 1784 book Physical Amusements and Diverting Experiments and Thomas Denton's 1785 exposure of Pinetti's act, The Conjurer Unmasked.

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You will learn the secrets of dozens of effects, such as how Pinetti nailed a card to the wall with a pistol shot, transported a burned card into a spectator's watch, named cards while blindfolded, and animated objects, plus the methods behind his automata.

You also receive 200 Pinetti news items, the greatest overview of his career ever assembled, ranging from news articles to reviews to show notices, covering his success in England in 1784 to later press mentions.

Bonuses include the 1784 French edition of Pinetti's book; Henri Decremps' 1784 Pinetti expos La magic blanche dvoile parts 1 and 2, and the expanded 1790 edition of Denton's translated expos.

The material is all in convenient PDF form on CD.

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