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Postby Frank Tougas » 07/20/04 02:27 PM

Sorry couldn't resist. The article on Abbott was simply wonderful and up to the usual high standards I have come to expect from Genii. I've already begun to work on the coin routine. Good to see Teller sans partner as well. I would love to hear more from him as a professional performer
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Postby Gord » 07/26/04 07:50 PM

The article on Abbott was outstanding. Who knew a man who made a career from being silent could use words in such a magical way?
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Postby Guest » 07/28/04 06:54 AM

I just re-read the Abbott article last night. Fantastic job! Teller proves once again his love and respect for the great men of magic (Abbott, Germain, etc).

I especially loved the explanation of the slates routine. It was interesting to see what lengths such a man as Abbott would go to to envoke a response. The fact that it didn't get laughs or applause is something we could learn from in this day and age.


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