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Postby Jeff Eline » 10/11/05 03:29 PM

Great article on Victor, one of the most amazing musicians out there. Mr. Racherbaumer wasn't exagerating when he called Victor the Dai Vernon of the bass. He's truly amazing to watch and listen to.

Thanks for letting others know about this truly magical performer.
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Postby Jeff Haas » 10/11/05 04:53 PM

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Postby David Prouty » 10/25/05 12:33 PM

I just aquired the Victor Wooten "Soul Circus" CD, and am extremely impressed with his bass manipulations. He even alludes to his magic interests in his lyrics. As a Jazz/Funk enthusiast, I am delighted with the positive energy of this CD.
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David Prouty
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Postby Guest » 11/28/05 05:22 AM

Next thing you know, some German is going to market, ..::Xtreme Bass Manipulations::..


Wooten is an amazing musician. I'm curious if anyone here has seen his jam session with drummer Carter Beauford? One word...


If you haven't seen it, and are a fan, be sure to check it out. I'm not even sure where you could find it, sorry.

Postby John Carney » 11/28/05 09:36 PM

I want to thank Jon for his excellent article. I have several of Victor's CDs, but had no idea he was interested in magic. I hope to see his show when he is in LA.
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Postby Jeff Eline » 12/02/05 05:37 PM

HERE is a 5 minute bass solo clip of Victor Wooten. He is absolutely amazing!! His rendition of Amazing Grace is magic all by itself.
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Postby Guest » 12/03/05 06:14 PM

Victor's bass work is amazing. He's truly a genius.

Postby Guest » 12/04/05 09:56 AM

About a year ago I was working on a new card routine (never got there) to "Can't Hold no Grove" from Victor Wooten's "A Show of Hands" disc. Solo bass and very funky, just right for popping cards to!

Another world class bass player, also into magic, is Nathan East link ... and Alan Parsons (Dark Side of the Moon etc.) also loves magic link . Now if someone can just get the three of them together...

My current card routine is to a piece by Stanley Clarke and George Duke (Clarks/Duke Project I). How nice to discover some fusion fans here.

Best wishes,

Duncan Trillo

Postby Tom Frank » 12/07/05 09:31 PM

Here are a couple of old newsgroup posts from the Seattle Magic Tightcircle. I was lucky enough to get to get to spend some time with Victor. At the shop, and after his show.

Jan 20,'03 at 11:10pm

This was on the front page of Saturdays Business Section with a big picture.

But not nearly as interesting as someone I met in my shop on Sat. A fellow named Victor Wooten stopped in my shop. Seems he some sort of famous bass player. He asked about a picture hanging in the shop of me doing the leaning gag. He said he does that at the end of his show. Interesting. . . and getting better. He also magically appears at the beginning of the show. He then went on to tell me about some of the other effects in his show. He told me about how he levitates off a stool, and an asrah levitation and vanish with. . . get this. . . his bass! This all sounded too cool to be true. I showed him a few things that I thought might be cool for him. I asked him if he was familiar with D'lite. He was, and said that he liked to pluck the red light off an amp and have some fun with that. He ended up buying Wild Levitation among other things. He said if I wanted to check his show out at the Crocodile Cafe, he would put me on the guest list!

The show was mind expanding! Of course the cocktails didn't hurt. He took me places I have never been, musically and magically. At one point the rest of his band left the stage, he sat on a bar stool and went into a soul searching solo. His eyes closed, the lighting dim, the music awesome! He slowly starting floating off the stool 1-2 feet in the air. It was bizarre to listen to the hushed crowd as they slowly realized what was happening. I just laughed, it was GREAT. His bass asrah was custom made by Denny & Lee and was an impressive piece of hardware. A nice finger tip flash pot installed. It went off just as the bass disappeared. What impressed me most about his approach to the magic was that it was all implied. He never said At this point I will float off the stool. It just happened. His tour dates are on his site This was the kick off show for a 6 week West Coast Tour. If you like Jazz, fusion, hip hop or funk this dude tears it up like no one I ever heard!!

Be well brothers in magic

Tom Frank
Seattle Magic

Feb 9,'04 at 12:20pm

I wanted to share another experience I owe to our good friend Tom. About 10 years ago I saw a band called Bella Fleck and the Fleck tones in a 100 person venue in a small college town in the NC mountains. The bass player for the group Victor Wooten captured my imagination and in the 2 hour show convinced me he was the top bassist on stage today and also the most underrated and overtly talented musician I've ever seen. So, Friday night to my surprise Tom let me know that he was on the guest list to see Victor who had been in the shop earlier and he invited me to accompany him for free. Now getting in to see this show was enough to spin my head and we had a great time however when the show wrapped up the real magic began. Tom had explained that Victor was an avid magician and very interested in the art (even performed the Lossander floating table during the show), and that he had dropped by the shop earlier. Tom suggested that if he wasnt to swamped back stage we might have the chance to meet him. Moments later I was standing behind Tom as he wowed not only Victor but also the rest of the crowd of people with his exceptional card work. After wrapping up a strong routine without missing a beat he turned and introduced me as a fellow magician. Prompted with applause I suddenly found myself in a crowd of 15 or so people (more than I have ever performed for at once) and standing in front of a musician I have been a huge fan of for 10 years despite the shakeing and nervousness I managed to hit dead on with a great piece of magic ala Eugene Burger (thoughtsender) and promptly quit while ahead. But I did get to see the crowd see the magic and got to meet (maybe even amaze) Mr. Wooten. I would never have in my wildest dreams thought I would spend my Friday night like this but I couldnt begin to imagine spending it in a better way. Thanks for everything Tom, including making me rise to an occasion I would have shied away from otherwise. Its good to know someone who will push you when you might regret not pushing yourself. Ok, so I've rambled way to much, sorry but I had to share the story and give a shout of thanks to Tom.
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