FS: Poker Chip Surprise by Pete Biro/Joe Porper

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Postby Bob Phillips » 02/20/10 10:56 AM

Hi all,

I have one of these for sale. It has been opened, but I have not used it. These sell new for $89.95...I will sell this for $60, and I will cover the shipping. Email me at my email address listed below if interested. Sorry, I do not have Paypal, so I will need either a check or money order (whichever is more convenient for you). Below is the description of the routine from Joe's website.


Bob Phillip
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Inspired by the work of Connie Haden, Doc Eason and Paul Green, Joe Porper and Pete Biro bring you the poker chip Surprise.

The performer brings out a small leather pouch, opens it and displays three casino poker chips. Placing them into the left hand, the red chip is taken away in the right hand. When both hands are opened the chips have transposed, the red is in the left and the other two chips in the right. This is repeated, then repeated again, however this time in a spectator's own hands! The transposition happens again!

To finish, the red chip is placed into the pouch, yet still changes places with the other two chips. You finish clean, and the chips can be examined and can be used for other routines.

You receive precision-made, to Joe Porpers high standards, all the necessary poker chips(gaffed and un-gaffed), an illustrated instruction booklet, and a custom-designed leather carrying pouch that works like a Himber wallet for an effortless way to bring into play (and out) the gimmicked chips.

Get modern! With the popularity of poker, thanks to the big money tournaments on TV, we felt it was time to release a version of Connie Hadens Double Copper and Silver made with genuine casino poker chips.
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Postby Bob Phillips » 02/23/10 12:15 AM

Price reduction...$57, and I will cover the shipping.

Bob Phillips
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