Finney's $100 thumb tip

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Postby 000 » 02/19/10 06:23 AM

Great article ( Dustin) on Michael Finney in the Feb issue.

Reading about how someone had charged him $100 for a thumbtip, took my memories back about 30 years, when I spent 3 weeks on the QE2, a now retired luxury liner. On board performing was a BIG NAME UK magician. Sometimes he would walk of to his cabin with passengers, and after gaining his trust ( and making me promise that it would be a secret, hence no naming here) ) I was allowed to go along. True as God, he would show ( passengers) what's possible with a thumbtip, and flog them one for $25 a tip!
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Postby bagelsandlox » 06/09/10 09:57 AM

An older bartender Michael worked with sold and taught him how to use the TT. It was the start of Michael's magic career.

The fellow, now retired, is fighting cancer and Michael is helping me.
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Postby Terry » 06/09/10 08:00 PM

Didn't the gentleman pass away last month?
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Postby Greg Edmonds » 06/21/10 10:02 AM

Terry wrote:Didn't the gentleman pass away last month?

Are we talking about the same Michael?

My old friend Michael Finney, the bartender cum internationally acclaimed magic comedian, is, I hope, still alive and well (and golfing -- his other passion).

The Finney who died was an NYU student of many accomplishments for one his age. I don't recall the Feb. issue article (my brain is chemically enhanced due to medications, so I don't remember much about yesterday).

Perhaps the younger Mr. Finney WAS the subject of the article???

In either case, the death of one so young and obviously talented is a great loss.

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Postby El Mystico » 06/21/10 10:28 AM

I think it was the bartender who sold Michael the thumbtip who passed away.
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Postby Terry » 06/21/10 09:13 PM

El is correct and it was who I was referring to.
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Postby Magic Newswire » 08/05/10 01:49 PM

Michael actually discusses this story in detail in the interview that I did with him early this year as well: LISTEN HERE
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