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Postby tegib » 02/16/10 03:42 PM

where can i buy this book and is this a good book
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Postby Kent Gunn » 02/16/10 05:05 PM

Andrew Wimhurst is not a book. If he was, he would definitely be a bad book.

There are a couple of video clips of his DVD on-line. You could watch them and decide if you liked the work. I leave you to your own internet search skills. (Ok, the DVD title is "Card Artistry")

The book you may be alluding to is Down Under Deals. I'm pretty sure Darwin Ortiz wrote the intro. Good enough for Darwin Ortiz, it may well meet your high standards.

Where can you buy "Down Under Deals". You can't, you're not old enough, or you're e.e. cummings and you're dead.

Either way, no "Down Under Deals" for you. You could ignore my rambling and put, "Down Under Deals", into a google prompt. (use the quotation marks!)

If none of that has driven you away, try this link. ... klets.html

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Postby tegib » 02/17/10 03:52 AM

oh sorry i thought of down under deals book i forgot to put the name
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Postby Eoin O'hare » 02/17/10 05:21 AM

cardshark wrote: ... i thought of down under deals book...

Ok, now, think of any word on any page...
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