put out by Terry Evanswood. Instant set up. It is an 18

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Postby David Fletcher » 02/14/10 06:49 PM

This is the Barry Mitchell table put out by Terry Evanswood. Instant set up. It is an 18 X 15 X 18 case with three position locking handle and wheels for easy travel. 1. Unzip the top. 2. Grasp the inside handles and pull up. 3. TA-DA, you have a 36 tall working table. Toss the beautiful black cloth over the front and you have a classy looking table. You may also replace the front cloth with your banner. Inside you have nine evenly spaced shelves with all your props ready to use. the top 3 shelves are removable for larger props. On each side the is a 1 1/2 deep zippered pouch perfect to hold linking rings, rope, change bags etc. The top shelf is made of solid black plastic (sintra) which is a perfect working surface. You can lower the top, roll to another location and set back up in 30 seconds. It comes completely ready to perform. This has never been used. $200 plus shipping.
View several photos at http://www.magicproductions.com/Magic_P ... items.html

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