A Greater Story

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Postby Guest » 05/28/02 07:27 AM

Though there has been a lot of discussion on this board regarding the other two articles I enjoyed most from this issue: David Regal's "Speaking Volumes" and K.L.'s eerie piece, I'm surprised no one has mentioned David Lindgreen's charming "A Greater Story."

I always love reminiscences about how we each became a magician. This one was wonderfully written and reminded me just how magical Greater Magic was for me as well. Perhaps not quite as much as for Lindgreen, but it would be hard to count how many hours of enjoyment it gave me. Along with Blackstone's Magic and Henry Hays Amateur Magician's Handbook (both of which I kept almost permanently checked out of the library), Greater Magic and Royal Road to Card Magic (both of which I saved up and bought), were my early magic bibles (plus Expert Card Technique a little later).

If David wants our vote on whether he should write more, I echo Otto and say "you bet."


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