August Sunell

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Postby johannes » 01/25/10 04:16 PM


I would like to know, if anyone here has heard escapologist August Sunell? He was originally from Finland and moved first time to U.S.A. 1906, 1910 he came back to Finland and second and last time he moved to U.S.A. year 1914. He died 1924.

August Sunell: 18851924.

He was famous escapologist here at Finland, but i know he had career also on the U.S.A.

Does anyone here has ever heard of him? I'm interested posters, advertisements, possible relatives and of course facts of him.

Best wishes

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Postby Kevin Connolly » 01/25/10 04:30 PM

You may want to go over to the Magic Cafe and They both have people who collect escape artist material on their sites.

I have never heard of him. He may have used a different name if he performed here.

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Postby johannes » 01/25/10 06:19 PM


I have seen one poster, where he used sentence:

"The Great Sunell Vaudeville Show.
World's Jailbreakers and Handcuff Kings".

I will try Magic Cafe and

Thank you for helping!

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