Fred Keating's Middle Name???

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Postby Bill Mullins » 01/21/10 04:44 PM

The Washington Post for Aug 24, 1924 has an article titled "Easy Magic Tricks For the Beginner" written by F. Serrano Keating. Is this Fred Keating? I wonder why he didn't use his first name? (and I've already checked Wikipedia, Magicpedia, and the IMDB).
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Postby JimAlfredson » 01/21/10 06:19 PM

Yep! Same guy. For some time in the 20s Fred Keating called himself such. I suppose he thought it sounded 'exotic,' or somthing. I couldn't swear that 'Serrano' was his 'middle name' or one he adopted, but he did use it quite often.
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Postby Chuck Romano » 01/25/10 11:30 PM

Here's an interesting article that sheds light on Keating's middle name. ... 31,3602752
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