Bert Reese lecture at Richard Osterlind's workshop in February

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Postby Torkova » 01/18/10 09:15 PM

For those that are interested, I will be a guest lecturer at Richard Osterlind's seminar next month.

I'll be presenting a lecture on my upcoming book on billet workers Bert Reese and Charles Foster. This will be a powerpoint presentation with many rare graphics and history of billet work from 1860-1936.

In the past four years researching the book (which I hope to have out by the end of this year), I've been able to uncover many fascinating things about billet work that are not only historical but some of the actual work that was being done then and is substantially unknown today. Reese and Foster were not stage entertainers but worked seances and did readings for the rich and famous. Even by 1880 the one-ahead technique (which I believe Foster invented), was well known and yet both Reese & Foster were still able to fool their sitters with their advanced applications of it.

In addition, I will be teaching one of my original billet routines that I was able to fool many members of the Legendary 13 which I'm sure you will like. I presented this talk at Jeff McBride's mentalism workshop this past November and was quite thrilled with the response to it.

The details are here:

Hope to see you at Richard's seminar in February!

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Postby SteveP » 01/19/10 10:27 PM

I just wanted to add to Bobby's post that I will be giving a workshop on online marketing for mentalists. This is the real deal because I did this professionally for several years and am certified by both Google and Yahoo and consulted literally hundreds of businesses about their online marketing programs when I was at Network Solutions.

I'll be giving an overview of what exactly online marketing is, how to define keywords & phrases so your site can be found and most importantly how to achieve Top 10 rankings. There will be some discussion of pay-per-click and social networking, but mostly focusing on natural/organic listings.

There's a lot of information that most people wont remember so I will be providing a workbook that will mimic what I talk about. This will take you step-by-step through the online marketing process and will be filled with free online resources & tools.

As an extra bonus I am including a free site analysis that will let you know where you rank and what you can do to improve your site. It's important to note that both the workbook and the analysis will give you everything you need and this is not a bait and switch tactic to drum up business for myself. Aside from my work with L&L Publishing, I no longer do website development or marketing. I am a full-time performer and use everything I am going to teach you to get business from my own site.
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Postby Torkova » 01/20/10 01:31 PM

That's very exciting Steve. I'm personally looking forward to your talk!

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Postby Jim Sisti » 01/20/10 05:17 PM

The latest news on the MIND MYSTERIES Seminar can be found here.
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