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Postby Paul Amerson » 01/15/10 05:20 AM

Geoff Williams lectured in San Antonio last night. What an awesome lecture! His work is funny and his material has "real world applications." I came away with about six great new tricks to put into my restaurant work. His lecture was NOT a dealer demo -- he showed how to build his effects. Those things he did sell were very reasonably priced. Nothing "knuckle busting" in his lecture. This was probably the best lecture I have seen in a long time. If your group has the opportunity to host one of his lectures, don't pass it up!
Paul Amerson
Paul Amerson
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Postby Paul Amerson » 01/20/10 11:58 PM

I performed his "Miracle Coin Vanish" last night at the restaurant. Great effect!
Paul Amerson
Paul Amerson
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Postby Christopher Lyle » 01/21/10 12:26 AM

Geoff lectured in Dallas the previous night and I was worth the money. His Light Socket/Pad routine and his Boom Box from anything effect were very well thought out...

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Christopher Lyle
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Christopher Lyle
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Postby Geoff » 01/24/10 07:47 PM

Thanks, guys.

BTW, I think I just busted a knuckle...
"Sajt lgprns tele van angolnk."

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Postby Russell Davis » 01/25/10 11:18 AM

Geoff lectured for IBM Ring 194 early this month and went over big time. Dryly funny presentational style. Showed a bunch of easily-made trickery that quickly resets. Very commercial magic for walkaround and platform. Highly recommended lecture!
Russell Davis
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Postby Shawn Farquhar » 01/26/10 06:58 AM

It's awesome to see Geoff's great reviews. I was fortunate to have him lecture at last years PCAM convention on the ms Norwegian Pearl where he got rave reviews from my registrants. I have had the pleasure of watching him lecture twice now, once at PCAM and the other at Magic in the Rockies, and at both I was amazed at the level of thought he has put into the material he is willing to share. This isn't always the case with lectures.
Shawn Farquhar

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