ebay auctions: Karl fulves Secret Sessions and others

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Postby jim rawlins » 12/30/09 03:28 PM

Many books and collectible apparatus in ebay auctions. look in my store Magic Collectibles. Karl fulves Secres Sessions, Fulves work on the brainwave principle, Porper's miniature version of the martinka multiplying chair, Germain poster, Powell Poster, complete file of Ireland's Yearbooks, many older lecture notes and much more. Look here:

http://stores.ebay.com/Magic-Collectibl ... m14?_pgn=1



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Postby Richard Kaufman » 12/30/09 03:43 PM

Wow--the Fulves Secret Sessions is already up to over $100!
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Postby dzejdzej » 12/31/09 02:08 AM

what is about Fulves Secret Sessions?
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Postby Denis Behr » 12/31/09 04:22 AM

It's rare. I have never seen it in this spiral bound form. I believe it originally came in three stapled volumes with about 30 pages each.
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Postby Paul Gordon » 12/31/09 05:23 AM

My set is spiral bound. PG
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Postby Jeff Pierce Magic » 01/01/10 01:20 AM

My three are spiral bound also.

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Postby Matthew Field » 01/01/10 12:13 PM

Ditto. Spiral.

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Postby Roger M. » 01/01/10 12:41 PM

Point of order for clarity only;

The binding in the ebay pictures is not a spiral binding, it's a comb binding.

Are you guys saying that the binding in the photos is not how Karl released the volume, or is how Karl released the volume?

A spiral binding gets wound into the spine of the book (and is sometimes called a "wire" binding even though they do make plastic "spirals"), the comb binding is a piece of plastic that gets "opened up", and the slots in the books spine get placed over the comb binding.

I suspect you're all actually saying that you have a "comb" binding, but for these high bidding Fulves collectors, the clarity might help.
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Postby dzejdzej » 01/02/10 03:55 AM

I heard that Fulves original release was three booklets, not one combo.
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Postby Denis Behr » 01/02/10 04:47 AM

He probably reprinted the set with spir... with comb binding later. He has done this with other publications as well.
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