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Postby Tom Bennett » 12/19/09 06:40 PM


I just posted a review on Levent's Ultimate Guide to the MISER'S DREAN DVDs on my blog

Enjoy and spread the word!
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Postby Mark.Lewis » 12/19/09 07:34 PM

I liked his Roy Benson book so I suppose I would probably like this DVD also. He seems an experienced performer and he is getting good reaction from the audience which either makes me think there are a hell of a lot of people there which always makes things seem more reactive than they really are or perhaps he is actually good. I have no way of knowing without being there.

However I do wonder about the wisdom of forays into the audience even with good lighting. It always means a loss of attention for a lot of people who plain can't see what is going on. I hate it when performers leave the stage.

I also wish he would slow down a bit. I can't make out what the hell he is saying. In fact until I saw the explanation clip I didn't realise he was American. I thought he had a Dutch accent.
Of course I have always been slightly deaf but then I am not the only one like that in an audience. Performers need to speak clearly and distinctly.

Not that I am the critical type of course................
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Postby wkitwizard » 12/10/10 06:41 PM

Excellent reference to a crowd-pleasing effect! The details into which he explains EVERYTHING anyone could possibly want to know about the coins, buckets, gaffs, etc. is outstanding. A wealth of knowledge.
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Postby JR Russell » 12/15/10 09:59 AM

I was amazed at the attention to detail and the research that went into this project. Outstanding resource!
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Postby Doc Eason » 12/15/10 03:34 PM

I had the opportunity of seeing Levent perform and lecture at MITR last Sept. I consider it to be the high point of the convention. His misers dream bucket was a wonderful combination of James Bond's Q and Macgyver... absolutely brilliant. The dvd set was encyclopedic in it's depth. A true scholar who is also able to perform. Simply brilliant.
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Postby John Signa » 12/15/10 06:38 PM

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to organize a lecture by Levent for area magicians and then on the next day a show for company employees. It was fantastic being able to stand in the back of the auditorium and see him apply/perform what he talked about in front of a real audience. Even though I don't do billiard balls or Miser's Dream, I learned more about performing than in almost any other lecture as well as getting a deep appreciation for Levent's skills. To this day I still get comments from coworkers about how they enjoyed Levent.
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Postby J-Mac » 01/28/11 01:28 AM

I just received this as a birthday gift from my wife and it is definitely one of the absolute best instructional DVD sets I have seen. The detail is unmatched; he covers literally every aspect of this time honored routine.

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