Mike Caveney & Tina Lenert story

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Postby Christopher Starr » 11/20/05 02:25 PM

Just a quick note to say thanks for a great story on this magic couple. It was a great read, and would like to thank them for allowing us a look at their private home.
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Christopher Starr
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Postby Pepka » 11/20/05 06:56 PM

I normally take my time with Genii. Reading 10-15 minutes at a clip whenever i can. This story was read straight through the evening I got it. I couldn't put it down and I'm sure I'll reread it. Thanks Richard, Dustin, Mike and Tina!
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Postby Guest » 12/01/05 11:04 AM

Tina speaks of "exploring" the idea of " A three minute routine of silent links done to music with just two twelve inch rings"?

sounds familiar....

Postby Terrence » 12/01/05 03:43 PM

That was one of the best bio's I've read in any magazine.

Thank you Mike and Tina for sharing your dream, and thank you Dustin for sharing it with all of us.
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Postby Adrian Kuiper » 12/01/05 04:14 PM

Thanks to everyone for the great story. I loved the house....the furnishings....and the wonderful narrative of their life together.

I had the honor (pleasure?) of being picked from the audience (I was in the front row) to be on stage with Tina way back in 1978 at the Castle. My debut and swan song....all in one. It was a memorable experience.

Thanks Mike and Tina for many great years...

Adrian Kuiper
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Postby magicam » 12/01/05 07:36 PM

I haven't read the article yet, but are those food stains on Mike's shirt on the cover? Now we know how he and Tina saved up to buy that magnificent house! Does the article mention their very deluxe tree house? It's about the size of a Manhattan efficiency apartment! :cool: Clay
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Postby George Olson » 12/01/05 07:57 PM

Mike will be one of the Headliners at Stan Kramiens Jamboree! Get registered ASAP. Even Pete will be there.

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Postby Leonard Hevia » 12/03/05 09:55 AM

The Caveney and Lenert article was terrific, but did anyone else notice the man behind the door of the Egyptian Hall Museum looking at what appear to be postcards? You can see him in the center of page 52 of the double page photo spread. Who is that man? Is he a stranger? An intruder? Mike...Tina--get out of there!
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