Neat, inexpensive, glass display cases at Ikea

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Postby RobertAllen » 12/18/09 12:18 PM

I'm just passing this along as a satisfied customer. I just
bought two of these cases,

..for displaying my small but evolving collection of vintage magic and unusual puzzles. Because they're mostly glass the notoriously cheap Ikea build doesn't come through much. They're mostly airtight on 3 sides so there's minimal room for dust to get in. They can be lit apparently but do not come with lighting. They look very nice in the home. And they are inexpensive; I doubt I could get all the glass cut to make one of these for what Ikea is selling them for.

If you go to buy some, bring a friend. The things weigh 93 lbs unassembled in the shipping box. Most of that weight is glass.

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Postby Larry Barnowsky » 12/20/09 04:26 PM

They are reasonably priced and good quality. I have two Nartorps which have a black and orange color scheme which looks great in my magic room. Dust does manage to get in mine somehow.
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 12/20/09 05:58 PM

It's too bad they don't sell the thing online!
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Postby John Signa » 12/20/09 08:29 PM

If you like it at $60, then you'll love it at $20.
Just noticed that it will be on sale for one day only at $19.95 on January 29th
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Postby John M. Dale » 12/20/09 10:01 PM

Actually, I believe you meant Dec. 29.

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Postby John Signa » 12/21/09 01:23 AM


That's what I get for reading for forum while working on next quarter's product release schedules.
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