Leonardo Origami Card

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Postby Leonardo » 12/12/09 05:56 PM

To Everyone!

I launched one of my mental effect the Leonardo ESP Test here last time. Now I would like to share with you my other development the Leonardo Origami Card.

Leonardo Origami Card

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Effect: The magician gives a deck of card to the audience and ask them to pick a card while he is turning around. (This card is with the audience during the performance) After this the magician shows a big size paper which contains different cards on it. This paper is then folded 3 times. The audience only has to say yes or no during the folding actions if they see their card. The last fold the magician does behind his back. The surprise is that the magician folding out the selected card!

This is a full automatic trick!

This trick practically works with any type of card!

With regards,

Lajos Fekete

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