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Postby Todd Karr » 12/09/09 07:17 PM

Hi, everyone!

Magic, yes, but minstrel shows, Buck Rogers, New Age healing, sheet music, and conspiracies? You've never seen Tarbell like this!

Our new Harlan Tarbell: Art and Words is the finest collection of Tarbell writings and art ever assembled! Over 2000 pages of Tarbell material, most of it rare and little-known.

Harlan Tarbell (1890-1960) led a multi-faceted life: artist, author, performer, teacher, and even movie actor and director. His Tarbell Course in Magic remains the standard teaching and reference work for beginners and pros.

Our collection contains not only the original Tarbell Course but also eight of his other books on magic and chalk talks, filled with his clear, whimsical drawings. Now you can learn from Tarbell beyond the original course!

We've also included an entire archive of Tarbell's little-known artwork for books on varied topics like minstrelry, New Age healing techniques, cooking, fairy tales, and conspiracy theories, as well as his charming illustrations for sheet music and magic instruction sheets.

You'll also receive Tarbell's early effects and art from Edward's Monthly; and additional instructions for Tarbell routines.

Everything is in convenient PDF form on CD for easy searching.

Price? Only $20 if you order now (regular $30)! Visit The Miracle Factory's Harlan Tarbell Art and Words CD to see the full contents!

Best wishes,
The Miracle Factory
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Postby George Olson » 12/10/09 07:17 PM


His niece lives in Portland and used to come by my venue about once a month. I belive another relative of his lives in Southern Cal.

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