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Postby shaena engle » 11/26/04 08:06 PM

In the article on Jon it states that we are following four magicians for our documentary, in actuality it is really three. Lennart Green, who won a title at FISM over ten years ago, appears in the documentary and as a favor to me participated in the initial filming of the footage of Jon (to see both of them doing tricks together was a treat). Lennart, as well as other top magicians, will be highlighted in the film but not featured. Jon, the Dream Makers from Spain, and Simon Pierro from Germany are the featured magicians for the film, and they are all competing in Sweden. I am glad Jon was profiled in Genii as he has always been nice enough to give his time and advice to me and other magicians who are aspiring to progress in the art of card magic.
shaena engle
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Postby Guest » 12/15/04 09:25 PM

I am looking forward to seeing your film. Jon Armstrong recently performed at my company's Holiday party, and everyone had a great time.
My work mates are still are talking about how Jon's performance made the party special.
Jon is a great guy.

Postby Richard Kaufman » 12/15/04 10:45 PM

Hey Roger, did Jon pay you to say that? :p
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Richard Kaufman
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Postby Guest » 01/19/05 10:43 AM

Hi Richard,
just found this one...
No, Jon did not pay me a lot to say that!! :)
Kidding aside, Jon is a great magician and all around good guy. He is my wife's favorite performer at the castle and she is not easy to impress.
Also, your magazine is great.
Thank you,

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