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Postby Guest » 06/26/05 08:35 PM

Bravo to Jon Lovick for the terrific job interviewing Harry Anderson. It is always an insight to hear from Pros that are from the upper echelons of the entertainment world. Starring in two Network TV series certainly qualifies Harry. Two quotes that really stood out to me:
"Thinking that the goal is the trick is so short sighted. It's you that you're selling, not what you're doing." And

"Too many magicians have a childish attitude of "I know something you don't know." And we really should be avoiding that at all costs, because that's the last way we want to appear to an audience."

Thanks for the great advice Harry.

Postby Guest » 07/14/05 05:53 AM

I have to disagree. I thought the interview was rather boring. I read nothing of great interest from an interesting man. As for his advice, I have heard this advice many times. Grab an average magic book for beginners and you'll find the same advice.
Just one opinion.


Postby Guest » 07/14/05 06:10 PM

What would you have liked to have heard from him? He's one of the most successful magical entertainers of our time and he gave concrete (and typically ignored) advice. Yes, it has been said before. Do you think he would have repeated it if he thought most magicians were following it?

Postby Brian Morton » 07/14/05 06:27 PM

JeffyZ wrote:
Grab an average magic book for beginners and you'll find the same advice.
Were that only the case. If it was, they might be following it, and then magic wouldn't be the red-headed bastard stepchild of the variety arts. Every time a magician walks into a magic shop and asks, "What's new?" it proves that nobody's listening to people like Harry.

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Postby Guest » 07/14/05 06:53 PM

Go to New Orleans and see Harry's Show. The Carnival section of his show is not magic but poetry.

The Elephant Man vent bit is the most creative material since Mike Finney or Kevin James.

Harry took simple items that I have see others destroy. There is a huge difference in the performer and the trick...

Postby Guest » 07/20/05 12:22 PM

Just back from a tradeshow in New Orleans. Saw Harry's show with my wife (we got to "assist" in in Middle Aged Straightjacket Escape). I had a lot of respect for Harry before, but have even more now. He doesn't just talk the talk, he walks the walk. His beautiful little club Oswald's has a real comedy club feel to it as does his show. For those who can't read between the lines, Harry uses the F-word throughout the show. Though I work clean and generally prefer magicians who do, it worked for Harry and is obviously where he wants his character to be right now. It is obvious from the long, warm greeting he gets upon his entrance and the standing ovation he recieved at the end of his show that I am not alone in feeling his show was great. I know plenty of magicians who would also be offended by his "Elephant Man" routine, but I laughed until I cried (though knowing the backstory from Genii made it even funnier.) Interestingly, the majority of his sold out, Friday night audience was made up of locals! The club has only been open since early June and when the buzz gets out and he starts tapping into the tourist market, demand for tickets is going to be even greater. If you want to see a great magician in peak form and laugh a lot, go see Harry at Oswald's in New Orleans.

Postby Jon Racherbaumer » 07/20/05 02:43 PM

Harrys club is not only an intimate, warm venue with a neat patio and side-bar, it will be a unique place that will offer diverse entertainmentincluding plays, radio-show reenactments, and other types of entertainment besides magic-comedy. Jay Johnson, the vent man par excellence, is due to come in soon and Harrys Show is fast-and-loose and ever-evolving. Although the language is occasionally salty, it is never mean-spirited or vulgar. It is appropriate and when delivered by Harry, it has almost ecclesiastical overtones. Maybe its the impish look on his face? Harry, after all, has a library card to the Vatican library and has seen its collection of erotica.

Yes, by all means try to catch Harry at Oswalds. He even runs a Zapruder Film Festival. (Really)

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