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Postby Magic Newswire » 11/17/09 11:21 PM

I was reading THIS ARTICLE in which it is stated that Dewayne Hill is one of only seven "professional" black magicians working today.

I feel certain that this cannot be accurate. Can it?
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Postby Mark.Lewis » 11/17/09 11:27 PM

I expect there are a few in Africa. Anyway the article is no longer true.There are a ton of black magicians all over the place.

The best black magician I ever saw was a man named Bunny Neill. I remember well how he created a sensation at the Magic Circle Festival years ago and was in fact the hit of the show. He passed away recently but there is a youtube clip of him somewhere doing the torn and restored newspaper in his later years. I consider him to be a great magician.
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Postby James Munton » 11/17/09 11:48 PM

I can't believe that is true.

Mr. Hill needs to change his promo and get some more accomplishments. This is awful:

"Over the years Hill has racked up quite a few accomplishments. Hill has performed alongside Michael Winslow from the blockbuster Police Academy and was supposed to perform with David Copperfield until complications kept Copperfield from performing at the show."
James Munton
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Postby Mark.Lewis » 11/18/09 12:06 AM

We can't all be marketing geniuses like you, James. You should sell him your very expensive marketing course that doesn't even exist yet.
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Postby Jonathan Townsend » 11/18/09 02:03 PM

Perhaps if qualified by "working at this very instant in a twenty mile radius" or something like that.
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