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Postby Temperance » 11/15/09 06:34 AM

Hello, I started up my old blog again if anyone is interested you can read it here

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Postby Joe Mckay » 11/15/09 01:21 PM

I really enjoyed your old site! Looking forward to checking this out...

Joe Mckay
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Postby mrgoat » 11/15/09 01:47 PM

I didn't know the old site, but the new one has started off brilliantly. I love colour changes. I often open with a short colour change routine. I have NEVER liked the change you blog about, but you make it make sense. And the video clip is beautiful.
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 11/15/09 02:24 PM

The Jennings handling of the change in Jennings '67, which includes a nice touch by Vernon, is one of the better handlings. It should also be noted that the handling was published twice before Erdnase printed it, both times credited to Harry Houdini.
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Postby John Bodine » 11/15/09 03:57 PM

It looks nice in that video.

As for the change, most don't carefully read the description in Erdnase. Getting into the effect is equal in importance to the mechanics of the change.

It should also be noted that Erdnase does not claim credit for this change. Erdnase, near as i can tell, takes credit for anything they believed to be original or have considerable original improvement.

John Bodine
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Postby Gordolini » 11/15/09 04:51 PM

Temperance - Thank you for the tips and the video link. There seems to be a familiar tone in the writing found in the Phantom Notebooks...
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