Banachek's Psychological Subtleties 2 & 3

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Postby Paul H » 11/10/09 05:19 PM


I was wondering if anyone has read Banachek's Psychological Subtleties 2 and/or 3? What did you think?

In my opinion the first one was great (one of my top magic/mentaslism books) as it delved into the psychological side of mentalism. Just decoding whether to get the follow ups. Do they continue the same sort of theme?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts on these books.
Paul H
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Postby Dick Christian » 11/10/09 07:04 PM

Almost anything by Banachek is worth having. I have PS2 and HIGHLY recommend it. Have ordered PS3 and eagerly awaiting its arrival. Since I don't have PS3 yet, can't comment on i, but PS2 continues in the same vein as PS1 and includes several killer routines by others as well as Banachek. My advice? Buy it!
Dick Christian
Dick Christian
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Postby Marc Rehula » 11/11/09 12:19 PM

PS1 is out of print. But last year I read that it was being reprinted, the same format as PS2.

But now PS3 is out and PS1 is still not reprinted.

Anyone know the status of the PS1 reprint?
Marc Rehula
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Postby Paul H » 11/14/09 06:02 AM

Hi Dick,

thanks for the recommendation. Sounds like I've got to get it! I gather from some reviews that PS2 and PS3 follow more of a routine based format compared to PS1. Can't wait :-)
Paul H
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